Schema free, document database

Schema free

Forget about tables, rows, mappings or complicated data-layers. RavenDB is a document-oriented database you can just dump all your objects into. Queries are amazingly fast and flexible.

It scales


Sharding, replication and multi-tenancy are supported out-of-the-box. Scaling out is as easy as it gets.



ACID transactions are fully supported, even between different nodes. If you put data in, it is going to stay there. We care about your data and we keep it safe.

Fast and high performant

High performance

RavenDB is a very fast persistence layer for every type of data model. Skip creating complicated mapping or multi-layer DALs, just persist your entities. It Just Works, and it does the Right Thing.

Variety of APIs


RavenDB comes with a carefully designed client API for .NET, Silverlight, Javascript and REST over HTTP.


Feature rich and extensible

Built with extensibility in mind, RavenDB can be easily extended via bundles. Many integration points ensure you can always squeeze more out of RavenDB. You aren't shackled to a One Size Fits None solution.

Carefully designed with best practices in mind

Carefully designed

Every bit of code was carefully considered. RavenDB was designed with best-practices in mind, and it ensures that everything Just Works.

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Triangle RavenDB Meetup

We will be going over the second video of the RavenDB Training Series. In the second part of the meetup, we will be refactoring an existing Ecommerce platform to use RavenDB. Read more...

NSBCon NYC 2014

Are you serious about building high performance, scalable systems using NServiceBus? Want to join 150+ other enterprise developers and leading names in the .NET space for two days of learning and networking? Read more...

Ayende Rahien's RavenDB Workshop

In Ayende Rahien's fast paced and hands on 3 day RavenDB workshop, you will learn how to use this quickly evolving Document Database efficiently in your applications to save time and effort on communicating with database storage. Read more...

Raven Day 2014 Stockholm

Øredev and RavenDB joined forces to bring you the latest developments in RavenDB 3.0 and the roadmap onward. Within a day you will make a complete tour of the new features, learn how to best utilize RavenDB in your systems and then hear a customer case study about what can be done with it. Among the speakers are RavenDB contributors Mauro Servienti and RavenDB Core Team members Oren Eini and Judah Himango. Read more...